Jet A1Fuel – What happens when you light it?

April 5th, 2012

JP54 Jet Fuel uses for Commercial Aircraft

April 5th, 2012

Semal Plus LLC

March 29th, 2012

Semal Plus LLC was established in 2007 and is now a secretly possessed association. We had basically set up the business with a center on Investments and Acquisitions, but changed its primary range of focus to products exchanging. In 2010 to preferable exploit the countless openings in this field and especially in the dominion of oil, the community was consolidated to Limited Liability Corporation.

Distinguishing the fad in the worldwide economy, Semal Plus LLC. came to be a Limited team and started to give supplies of oil refined items to meet a developing interest crosswise over the globe to the Majors. We work in partnership with some major Hedge Funds and Financial Corporations with a specific end goal, which is to use every last trace of the contribution chances carried to us by the exact great Market conditions.

Semal Plus LLC. is your extreme worldwide root for reliable root of mass Russian root Petroleum and Refined units: Diesel Gasoil 0.1% (D2) 0.2/0.1 Specs, 10PPM, 50PPM Gas Oil, 500PPM Gas Oil,EN590 Automotive Diesel Fuel full European spec, Mazut. We are transporting great items at forward moving costs basically for the reason that we go with the root refineries just.

Semal Plus LLC. accord steer from the refineries supplies of oil refined units for example D2-0.2specs, D2-0.1 Specs, 10PPM, 50PPM Gas Oil, 500PPM Gas Oil, EN590 full European spec, Mazut, to meet a developing interest crosswise over the globe to the Majors and self fund purchasers.

Items are bought from refineries straight or via our generally claimed communities. The most exceptionally foremost topographical roots of item are:


“SalavatNefteOrgSintez” refinary

“Kinef Refinary”, Kirishi

“Taif-NK” refinary

“BP-TNK” refinaries

“Janos” refinery

We are fit to ensure our purchasers accesability of:

Gasoil 0.1% (D2)

Diesel Oil

Diesel 0.1

10PPM Diesel Oil

50PPM Gas Oil

500PPM Gas Oil

EN590 Diesel Oil

Fuel Oil (Mazut)

All units are the “Gost” Quality or preferred. The on time conveyances, are guaranteed by our immediate refinaries and “TranNefteProduct” contracts. The costs that we are ready to award are near the best equipped ready on the business today.

Oil outfits are stacking up additional cash and less fuel

March 29th, 2012

Refiners incorporating Exxon Mobil are raking in benefits while generating less fuel and diesel in the U.S. than typical for this time of year. They’re additionally sending out additional to different nations. With oil costs climbing, that makes for sticker stun at the pump.

It’s the same story for the alternate great oil outfits. Regal Dutch Shell turned a benefit of $6.3 billion in the first quarter, and BP—in spite of waiting prices from the Gulf Coast oil slick—made $7.1 billion.

What they aren’t making is fuel, in any event not in typical amounts. Then again this is a nexus component in their reinvigorated fiscal display.

In spite of expanding interest, refiners are transforming less gas and diesel in the U.S. than normal for this time of year. They’re moreover sending out additional to different nations.

Join climbing oil costs, and you get the sort of sticker stun at the gas pump that some investigators declare might challenge 2008’s unequaled highs—with normal gas at present finding the midpoint of about $3.88 a gallon in the U.S. then again $4.22 in California, something greater than a month soon after the hot time of year driving flavor kicks in.

Drivers and purchaser pushes are shocked at elevated pump costs and declare refineries ought to expand gas supplies to diminish fuel expenses.

“This is a page torn right out of the handbook of gouge-onomics,” stated Charles Langley, senior fuel expert at the Utility Consumers’ Action Network in San Diego. “We call it the law of supply and interest: They supply less item and interest more coin for it.”

Oil makes up about several-thirds of the expense of a gallon of gas, so unmanageable oil consistently transforms into exorbitant fuel. Be that as it may concerning-benefit elements, refiners utilize a mixture of intends to guarantee that they keep the same amount of that windfall would be prudent.

The country’s refineries are working at about 81% of their handling limit, Energy Department statistics demonstrate. That contrasts and a 20-year momentous normal of about 89% for this time of year, as per office records.

Part of that might be illustrated by the building utilize of ethanol, as a rule produced out of corn, which is joined following fuel is refined. Ethanol helps fuel supply without expanding petroleum depletion altogether as putting wafers in meatloaf makes more supper with less meat.

A more gigantic element, some specialists declare, is refiners’ business procedure: Having just freshly come back to unyielding benefits and cautious of potential disintegration in depletion, the groups are playing it warily.

“They aren’t heading off to attempt to match handling to interest. You aren’t set up to see any individual running full out at this very moment,” expressed Brian L. Milne, refined-energizes editorial manager for Telvent DTN, which gives merchandise cost data to businesses.

And then here’s a different piece to the fuel-cost astound: Refiners are trading extensive measures of gas and diesel to nonnative purchasers ready to pay a premium. Request for refined items for example gas is anticipated to retreat into deterioration in the U.S. by the finish of 2011 in light of expanded utilize of elective powers, near different things, so refinery groups are looking to grow their scope with late clients abroad, especially with diesel fuel.

“U.S. refineries have been sending 15% to 20% of their generation abroad for concerning a year now,” declared Andrew Lipow, president of counseling firm Lipow Oil Associates in Houston. “Request for diesel is solid in Central America and South America and Europe and alternate parts of the globe.” That’s something greater than twofold the rate of fares in 2007, he stated.

Valero Energy Corp., the country’s greatest autonomous oil refiner, had “record fares hailing from the United States” at the same time as the final a few months of 2010, Chief Executive Bill Klesse freshly told gurus and experts. The San Antonio outfit’s send out pace declined somewhat for the present year in light of refinery upkeep.

“We send diesel fuel to South America. We’ve been sending gas to Latin American nations. So there’s a ton of modification that would be happened in this business,” Klesse stated. In the first quarter, Valero earned $98 million, reversing a year-previous misfortune of $113 million.

Vigor associations declare fuel costs are dead set by supply, mandate and rivalry, and that the essential guilty party for the present run-up is rough costs, which rose something greater than 30% in the final year due to clashes in North Africa and the Middle East as well as reinforcing universe economies.

The American Petroleum Institute, the oil ensemble barter bunch, declared its particular statistics indicated that refiners are doing their work, conveying 4% more gas in the first quarter than in the same period final year.

“We are moving more unit than final year and supporting the investment recuperation,” stated Rayola Dougher, the bunch’s senior budgetary consultant. “The refinery division is something greater than keeping pace with that.”

At the same time, Energy Department information demonstrate a drawdown of something greater than 18 million barrels in the country’s fuel stocks for the present year to 205.6 million barrels, combining a drop of 2.5 million barrels in the most up to date week.

What Causes Fuel Oil Prices to Swing?

March 29th, 2012

Concerning the just monetary soften most Americans have gotten up the final six months has been the extreme drop in the cost of oil, which has fallen significantly more steeply than it climbed. In a year’s time, a ware that was hypothetically estimated as per supply and interest copied from $69 a barrel to almost $150, then afterward, in a period of actually several months, crashed on top of stocks.

So what happened? It’s a confused concern, and there are bunches of hypotheses. Anyhow as reporter Steve Kroft reports, a considerable number of folks think it was a speculative air pocket, not unlike the singled out case that created the lodging emergency, and that it had more to do with traders and speculators on Wall Street than with oil team executives or sheiks in Saudi Arabia.

To comprehend what happened to the cost of oil, you first need to grasp the method its changed. For quite some time it has been acquired and sold on something called the wares prospects business. At the New York Mercantile Exchange, its exchanged shoulder to shoulder cotton and espresso, copper and steel by specialists who purchase and pitch contracts to convey those merchandise at a certain cost at some date in the destiny.

It was made with the goal that agriculturists might measure what their unharvested yields could be worth months in development, with the goal that production lines might secure the most fit cost for crude materials, and carriers might operate their fuel expenses. However something greater than a year in the past those business sectors began to carry on sporadically. And then when oil duplicated to something greater than $147 a barrel, neither man nor woman was more suspicious than Dan Gilligan.

As the president of the Petroleum Marketers Association, he stands for something greater than 8,000 retail and wholesale suppliers, the majority of people from home warming oil communities to gas station possessors.

When 60 Minutes bantered with him final summer, his parts were working toward getting blamed for gouging the general population, although their expenses had moreover lived out the top. He told Kroft the situation was in the products businesses, which had been attacked by a brand new breed of mogul.

“Pretty nearly 60 to 70 percent of the oil contracts in the fates businesses are now kept by speculative substances. Not by ensembles that requirement oil, not by the carriers, not by the oil associations. Be that as it may by gurus that are looking to save cash from their speculative positions,” Gilligan clarified.

Gilligan expressed the proposed speculators don’t in reality take conveyance of the oil. “All they do is purchase the paper, and trust that they can pitch it for something greater than they paid for it. Around the time when they need to take conveyance.”

“They’re attempting to stack up cash on the business sector for oil?” Kroft asked.

“Definitely,” Gilligan answered. “On the volatility that exists in the business sector. They make it going up and down.”

He expresss his parts in the home warming oil business, for example Sean Cota of Bellows Falls, Vt., were the first to acknowledge the impacts a few years back when costs appeared to disengage from the essential basics of supply and interest. Cota expresss there was more than enough item at the supply terminals, but the costs kept going up and up.

“We’ve had a couple cost updates around the same time as the day where we pick up units, in reality don’t recognize what we paid for it and we’ll go out and we’ll advertise that to the retail client speculating what the cost was,” Cota recollected. “The volatility is can’t help being determined by the gigantic sums of coin and the colossal sums of power that is resolved into the aforementioned business sectors.”

Concerning the same time, fence stock investments boss Michael Masters gotten to the same summation. Experts’ dexterity is in tracking the stream of speculations into and out of budgetary businesses and he observed enormous measures of coin leaving stocks for wares and oil fates, the majority of it going into file subsidizes, wagering the cost of oil was determined to go up.

Inquired was getting this “paper oil,” Masters told Kroft, “The California annuity finance. Harvard Endowment. Bunches of vast institutional speculators. Then again, speak of the devil, different gurus, multifaceted investments, Wall Street exchanging bureaus were taking after right behind them, putting coin-sovereign fortune subsidizes were putting coin in the fates business sectors moreover. So you had all these gurus putting cash in the prospects businesses. But also that was driving the cost up.”

In a five year period, Masters expressed the product of coin institutional gurus, flexible investments, and the huge Wall Street monetary institutions had put in the wares businesses run over from $13 billion to $300 billion. Final year, 27 barrels of rough were being exchanged each day on the New York Mercantile Exchange for each one barrel of oil that was in reality being depleted in the United States.

“We conversed with the most substantial physical trader of unrefined oil. Notwithstanding they told us that contrasted with the size of the contribution inflows-and recollect, this is the heftiest physical unrefined oil trader in the United States-they expressed that we are fundamentally an insect on an elephant, that would be the manner by which huge the aforementioned courses were,” Masters recollected.

Yet when Congress started keeping hearings final summer and solicited Wall Street banker Lawrence Eagles from J.P. Morgan what function extreme hypothesis played in climbing oil costs, the response was small to none. “We accept that towering power costs are essentially an outcome of supply and interest,” he expressed in his testimony.

D2 Gas Oil & JP54 Jet Fuel Buyers Welcome!

July 19th, 2010

We have D2 & JP54 Seller Authority to introduce D2 & JP54 products to the END-BUYER.

We have Contracts “ONLY” on a continuous basis once the End-Buyer has been Vetted and Approved.

This is not an easy business; most Principals in the TRADE MARKET will not advertise themselves on the internet because of the plethora of falsified documentation.

(Especially the Trade Market)

No NCNDs, IMFPAs, ICPOs, FCOs, SCOs, or Soft Probes in the beginning stages of our transaction. The NCND / IMFPA come along with the FINAL CONTRACT.

To Proceed:
In order to receive a copy of the SELLER price and procedures, we simply need an email statement as described below.

“We (company name or individual name), attest that we are a BUYER or Directly Represent a BUYER and we would like to receive a copy of the SELLER pricing and procedures”A Brief Company Overview expedite the entire process..

All Contract and or Commercial Invoice documentation shall be sent from the SELLER of PRODUCT directly to the END-BUYER or Official BUYER Representative only.


For the first time BUYER, through our service, we are offering smaller orders of D-2 and JET FUEL to open the doors of a continuous relationship in this type of trade business.

Orders can begin at:
D-2 – Diesel Gas D2 Oil GOST 305-82 Russian Origin
100K MT per month x 12 Month “CONTRACTS ONLY”

Jet Fuel – Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54 Jet Fuel Russian Origin

We have 12 month contracts available for D2 and JP- 54 beginning at these amounts on a continuous basis.

Product is shipped CIF Most World Ports

The discount available is WELL BELOW NWE Platt pricing. Our business ethics keep our company placement as it stands with our SELLER sources. We rather not post the pricing on the internet; we would prefer to discuss this portion of the transaction professionally and personally.


Spot Buys and POP upfront with Commercial Invoice products
are NOT available. Contracts ONLY!

Brokers and/or Broker Intermediaries please understand that our agreements with our SELL SOURCES require we Vett all potential buyers thoroughly, we will not stand for any falsification, that would be a waste of time and then would move into legal action to protect our position.

NOTE:  Before contacting us we believe that you have READ and UNDERSTOOD all the contents of our site.

Warm Regards, – SELLER SOURCE of D-2 and JP 54