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Considring Bio Diesel and want the Best Heating Oil Prices?

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Semal Plus LLC

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Semal Plus LLC was established in 2007 and is now a secretly possessed association. We had basically set up the business with a center on Investments and Acquisitions, but changed its primary range of focus to products exchanging. In 2010 to preferable exploit the countless openings in this field and especially in the dominion of oil, the community was consolidated to Limited Liability Corporation.

Distinguishing the fad in the worldwide economy, Semal Plus LLC. came to be a Limited team and started to give supplies of oil refined items to meet a developing interest crosswise over the globe to the Majors. We work in partnership with some major Hedge Funds and Financial Corporations with a specific end goal, which is to use every last trace of the contribution chances carried to us by the exact great Market conditions.

Semal Plus LLC. is your extreme worldwide root for reliable root of mass Russian root Petroleum and Refined units: Diesel Gasoil 0.1% (D2) 0.2/0.1 Specs, 10PPM, 50PPM Gas Oil, 500PPM Gas Oil,EN590 Automotive Diesel Fuel full European spec, Mazut. We are transporting great items at forward moving costs basically for the reason that we go with the root refineries just.

Semal Plus LLC. accord steer from the refineries supplies of oil refined units for example D2-0.2specs, D2-0.1 Specs, 10PPM, 50PPM Gas Oil, 500PPM Gas Oil, EN590 full European spec, Mazut, to meet a developing interest crosswise over the globe to the Majors and self fund purchasers.

Items are bought from refineries straight or via our generally claimed communities. The most exceptionally foremost topographical roots of item are:


“SalavatNefteOrgSintez” refinary

“Kinef Refinary”, Kirishi

“Taif-NK” refinary

“BP-TNK” refinaries

“Janos” refinery

We are fit to ensure our purchasers accesability of:

Gasoil 0.1% (D2)

Diesel Oil

Diesel 0.1

10PPM Diesel Oil

50PPM Gas Oil

500PPM Gas Oil

EN590 Diesel Oil

Fuel Oil (Mazut)

All units are the “Gost” Quality or preferred. The on time conveyances, are guaranteed by our immediate refinaries and “TranNefteProduct” contracts. The costs that we are ready to award are near the best equipped ready on the business today.