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D2 Gas Oil & JP54 Jet Fuel Buyers Welcome!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

We have D2 & JP54 Seller Authority to introduce D2 & JP54 products to the END-BUYER.

Allocations are from SHELL – US and Canada ONLY

  • Spot Buys
  • POP upfront with Commercial Invoice
  • Contracts

This is not an easy business; most Principals in the TRADE MARKET will not advertise themselves on the internet because of the plethora of falsified documentation.

No NCNDs, IMFPAs, ICPOs, FCOs, SCOs, or Soft Probes in the beginning stages. Fee documents always only come along with the FINAL CONTRACT in legitimate transactions.

We have Fuel Products available ONLY for the End-Buyer has been Vetted and Approved.

To Proceed please be prepared to provide information concerning the following: 

  • Buyer must have logistics in place and describe delivery or pick up capacity
  • Funds must be readily available. NO RESELLERS
  • Prior Purchases
  • Storage Location(s)
  • A Brief Company Overview expedite the entire process.

All Contract and or Commercial Invoice documentation shall be sent from the SELLER of PRODUCT directly to the END-BUYER only.


All Shell products available. Including, but not limited to:

  • Gasoline
  • Heating Oil
  • Ultra-low-sulfur diesel

Pricing is quoted daily and only after purchase ability has been described by buyer and acknowledged by seller.

All buyers welcome. We cannot and do not deal through brokers or intermediaries.

Brokers and/or Broker Intermediaries please understand that our agreements with our SELL SOURCE require we Vett all potential buyers thoroughly, we will not stand for any falsification, that would be a waste of time and then would move into legal action to protect our position.

Real and true sources for fuel products are rare. Companies that require fuel products already have their sources, however fuel is like blood and if you need fuel and have a shortage in supply, we are here to help you. If you are a broker, intermediary or in any way not from a company that understands what you need to present in order to actually purchase fuel immediately – please do not contact us.

Legitimate purchasers will have no problem providing prior company purchase information as it is already public information and not a secret in any way, however please simply start with a company profile.

All buyers please contact us and be prepared to describe what you want and your ability to purchase immediately as we will let you know of the ability to provide product immediately.

Warm Regards, – SELLER SOURCE

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