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D2 Gas Oil & JP54 Jet Fuel Buyers Welcome!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

We have D2 & JP54 Seller Authority to introduce D2 & JP54 products to the END-BUYER.

We have Contracts “ONLY” on a continuous basis once the End-Buyer has been Vetted and Approved.

This is not an easy business; most Principals in the TRADE MARKET will not advertise themselves on the internet because of the plethora of falsified documentation.

(Especially the Trade Market)

No NCNDs, IMFPAs, ICPOs, FCOs, SCOs, or Soft Probes in the beginning stages of our transaction. The NCND / IMFPA come along with the FINAL CONTRACT.

To Proceed:
In order to receive a copy of the SELLER price and procedures, we simply need an email statement as described below.

“We (company name or individual name), attest that we are a BUYER or Directly Represent a BUYER and we would like to receive a copy of the SELLER pricing and procedures”A Brief Company Overview expedite the entire process..

All Contract and or Commercial Invoice documentation shall be sent from the SELLER of PRODUCT directly to the END-BUYER or Official BUYER Representative only.


For the first time BUYER, through our service, we are offering smaller orders of D-2 and JET FUEL to open the doors of a continuous relationship in this type of trade business.

Orders can begin at:
D-2 – Diesel Gas D2 Oil GOST 305-82 Russian Origin
100K MT per month x 12 Month “CONTRACTS ONLY”

Jet Fuel – Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54 Jet Fuel Russian Origin

We have 12 month contracts available for D2 and JP- 54 beginning at these amounts on a continuous basis.

Product is shipped CIF Most World Ports

The discount available is WELL BELOW NWE Platt pricing. Our business ethics keep our company placement as it stands with our SELLER sources. We rather not post the pricing on the internet; we would prefer to discuss this portion of the transaction professionally and personally.


Spot Buys and POP upfront with Commercial Invoice products
are NOT available. Contracts ONLY!

Brokers and/or Broker Intermediaries please understand that our agreements with our SELL SOURCES require we Vett all potential buyers thoroughly, we will not stand for any falsification, that would be a waste of time and then would move into legal action to protect our position.

NOTE:  Before contacting us we believe that you have READ and UNDERSTOOD all the contents of our site.

Warm Regards, – SELLER SOURCE of D-2 and JP 54